How to download Wordie?

To download Wordie. If you are an Android user go to Google Play Store If you are an IOS user go to App Store and if you are an Amazon user go to Kindle Store. Then search for the game and install it for free.

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Problems downloading Wordie?

Sometimes problems occur trying to download the application. These recommendations could be helpful:

-You need to have a good internet connection.
-Go to your device "Setting Screen" and tap on the storage button. Once is done scroll down to the bottom page and click in "Remove Memory Card". Go to Google Play and try to download the app again. Once the application is installed you can configure the storage again by click in “Insert Memory Card”. After all these steps we would suggest you moving the application to the Memory Card.
-Make sure that your device has enough memory space. If it is possible delete content that you do not use.
-To download the application you must have an Android version equal or higher than 4.1.
-Check that your Gmail account is setup on your device and linked to Google Play games.
-Go to your device "Setting Screen" search for the application manager item wipe the cache of all applications and deactivate notifications.
-Avoid download other applications simultaneously.

If any of the above steps have not helped you to download the application please send an email to help@thefastmind.com so you can explain your problem with more details.

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To update or download the latest Apensar version you need to have an Android version equal o higher than 4.1 or IOS version equal or higher than 8.3. In case you have a lower version please update it so you can enjoy Apensar.

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Problems downloading levels

If you have problems downloading levels, these recommendations can be helpful:

-If you are connected to a wireless network make sure that the network has Internet connection or connect to a private network.
-If you are connecting with the Internet of your mobile phone make sure your data plan is “on” and you have enough navigation data.
-Close the application for a couple of minutes and open it again.
-Check in your settings and make sure you have the latest Wordie version that appears in Google Play games or Play Store.
-Make sure you have free storage space on your device.
-Transfer your app to an external Memory Card.
If any of the above steps have not helped you to download the levels package please send an email to help@thefastmind.com so you can tell us more about your problem.

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Game difficulty

The game has three difficulty levels. They are randomly distributed with the purpose of having an easy level in between three hard ones. This will make you think a little harder and challenge yourself a little bit more.

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I cannot see my score on the Leaderboard

We advise you to update your Facebook application to its latest version so you can see your score and you friends’ score on the Leaderboard. Try logging out of Facebook from Wordie and log in again.

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